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tv   News 4 at Noon  NBC  January 7, 2016 12:00pm-12:30pm CST

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himself as authorities moved in on him. law officers caught up with h 25-year-old david hoffman yesterday afternoon on the santee sioux indian reservation. that's when he reportedly turned the gun on himself. hoffman had been the focus of an intense manhunt since tuesday afternoon when a niobrara police officer tried to arrest him on warrants for burglary and theft. hoffman grabbed the officer's gun and fled o o foot. niobrara schools and some businesses were loed down. niobrara state park was also closed while officers searched cabins and other buildings. hoffman refused to surrender when found on the reservation wednesday and shot himself, according to the fbi, which says no officers were injured. french polole shot and killed a knife-wielding man wearing a fake explosives belt outside a police station in paris today. police say the man carried a claim of responsibility written in arabic. the incident came one year, almost to the minute, after a deadly attack on the paris offices of french
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hebdo" by two isismic extremists. the paris prosecutor's offffe says it is opening a terrorism investigation into today's incident. a happy ending to a drama 900 feet underground in lansing, new york. 17 salt miners were rescued this morning after being stuck for several hours in the western hemisphere's deepest salt mine. alex resila has more.
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safety. there are no injuries. the mine manager says the 17 men are just cold after being stuck 900 feet underground. shawn wilczynski / mine manager " they huddled together, they did what they could do to keep each other warm and keep each other's spirits up and they persevered the best way they could, they prioritized who should come out first themselves and it's very pleasant to see how well they managed the situation" on camera: the first 4 miners rescued waited nearly two hours until the last two were brought up to safety. cargill says the miners have since been reunited with their families. reporting from lansing, i'm alex resila. nbc news. >> > weather ad-lib mother-nature will provide another
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the morning) and drizzle, so with temperatures near freezing again, you'll want to watch out for slick spots on area roads and sidewalks. some, especially south, will see a late day snow/mix that will spread north across the viewing area tonight that will produce some light accumulations by tomorrow morning. light snow will continue throughout the day friday and will leave most of siouxland with 1-3 inches of the white stuff by the time it moves out friday night. our attention then turns to the arctic air set to move into the region this weekend which will put lows below zero both saturday and sunday night with highs barely making it above zero on unday. windchills will also be a aor bebeow -20f durrng this time from which we'll get limited relief early next week. see graphics. >> wall street braced for another tough day after china's stock market crashed seven percent overnight. stocks did open sharply lower with worries intensifying about china's economy and the price of oil hit its lowest level in 12 years. the dow industrials lost more than 300 points in early
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right now, the dow is down . the nasdaq is off . and the s-and-p is . oil and gas companies have again been falling more than the rest of the market as energy prices continued to plunge. even as the chinese e ock market is collapsing and oil prices are plunging, u.s. employers appear to be secure. the government says fewer people sought unemployment benefits last week, suggesting the job market is insulated from the turmoil overseas. applications fell by 10,000 last week. the nebrasas humane society and police are urging animal owners to be on guard. the warning comes after a disturbing case of animal cruelty. an eastern nebraska couple who own several horses was shocked to find someone had cut their tails off. miranda christian reports.
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small ranch with several rescued horses and donkeys. when they went to check on the animals sunday morning, they saw two of their horses were missing their tails. (bruce tompkins) "you could just see it t s cut off with scissors." the tompkins said it feels like their home was just robbed. (bruce tompkins) "real anger, you know, it's the horse's only line of defense against flies, and the tails are. to see them chopped off like this, it takes them so long to grow back." rusty is a miniature horse and used to have a tail down the ground, while blue lost about two feet of his tail. the tompkins said when they looked online they found horse hair can sell up to $400 a pound. (vickie tompkins) "they take the hair off the horses tail to make a hat band, or make hair extensions to put on some high dollar show horse, i'm p-o'd." another woman in raymond, nebraska shared photos s facebook of two
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chopped off. the tompkins want to make sure horse owners are aware that someone out there is doing this. (bruce tompkins) "it's something that everybody who has horses needs to watch their horses and see what's going on." >> that was miranda christian reporting. the nebraska humane society has reported a similar theft in northeast nebraska. republican presidential candidate rand paul comes back to siouxland today. the kentucky senator will be in sioux city for a "stand with rand meet and greet." it's at one 'o clock at the wilber aalfs library downtown. republican carly fiorina brings her campaign back to northwest iowa next week. she'll hold a town hall meeting at bev's on the river in sioux city monday at 5:30 p-m. the following morning, she'll hold a "coffee with carly" at the midwest deli cafe in holstein. that starts at 10:00. if you thought last night's powerball jackpot was big, you ain't seen nothin' yet! nobody matched all the numbers drawn, so nobody won the
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carries over to saturday night's drawing. lottery officials estimate saturday's jackpot will be a record 675-million dollars. that'll be the largest jackpot of any lottery game in u.s. history. maybe these folks should buy a lottery ticket, now that they've enjoyed some "good luck porridge." people in japan often eat a special porridge on january 7th to pray for their wellness for the rest of the year. as part of the long- standing custom, a shrine in tokyo's asa-kusa area served the seven-herb porridge for free today. ththrice porridge contains seven herbs. the ingredients vary considerably depending on the region. this one in tokyo includes turnip and radish leaves. we're not having much luck with our weather, unless you're a fan of fog, light snow and freezing drizzle. and that's before we even mention the sub-zero cold in the forecast. isishere any good news? meterologist ben dorenbachchill be here to tell us. it's and degrees in
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ben, it's foggy all over siouxland.
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mother-nature will provide another gloomy day with fog (dense in the morning) and drizzle, so with temperatures near freezing again, you'll want to watch out for slick spots on area roads and sidewalks. some, especially south, will see a late day snow/mix that will spread north across the viewing area tonight that will produce some light accumulations by
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will continue throughout the day friday and will leave most of siouxland with 1-3 inches of the white stuff by the time it moves out friday night. our attention then turns to the arctic air set to move into the region this weekend which will put lows below zero both saturday and sunday night with highs barely making it above zero on sunday. windchills will also be at or below -20f during this time from which we'll get limited relief > expect a backup if you're traveling i-29 southbound through sioux city today. southbound traffic is reduced to one lane for a short distance near the wesley parkway
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sign. the work started at nine this morning and is scheduled to be done about three this afternoon if the weather cooperates. the farm and financial markets are just ahead on news four... and one item attracting some attention at this week's dakota farm show makes it easier for producers to get around. we'll check it out... cordes: most nurses are tough. they're problem-solvers. they like making things better.
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because they just can't afford it. bernie sanders understands how pharmaceutical companies and major medical companies are ripping us off. bernie tells the truth, and he's been consistent. he understands that the system is rigged, and he's the only one who can bring real change. i'm bernie sanders, and i approve this message.
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>> law officers caught up with 25-year-old david hoffman with the farmer labor force continuing to decline, many are looking for equipment that makes the job easier. one young iowa farm couple is aiding in that search with a device he's showing off at the dakota farm show in vermillion. ktiv's michelle schoening checks it out
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their fields and move around their fields independently. in vermillion, south dakota, michelle schoening, ktiv news four. >> > stocks are moving sharply lower again today as worries intensify about china's economy and dropping oil prices. still ahead, a party crasher at
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and a fine feathered friend. meet a 5-year old girl... and the pet duck who follows her everywhere she goes. marco rubio thinks it's unfair to criticize him for missing votes. "but i am going to miss votes, i'm running for president." but he's been mimiing votes for a long time. "one third of all of his missed votes in 2015 were missed before he announced he was running for president." over the last three years, marco rubio has missed more votes... than any other senator. washington politician marco rubio. doesn't show up for work, but wants a prprotion? right to rise usa is responsible
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here's a live look at west lake okoboji from our okoboji skycam... the 46th annual people's choice awards were held last night. among the winners, sandra bullock for "favorite movie
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for "favorite daytime tv host." nbc scored big with "the voice" for "favorite competition tv show" and jimmy fallon for "favorite late night talk show host." and what would an awards show be without a little drama. some random guy ran on- stage and grabbed the microphone as the hosts of "the talk" were accepting an award. sheryl underwoood pushed him away and sharon osbourne gave him a couple of kicks. speculation has already begun online that it was some sort of stunt. the man shouted a plug for an upcoming album by rapper kevin gates. man's best friend has a different meaning for a little girl and her pet in freeport, maine jana barnello has the story of friends for life.
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jana: how did snowflake get his name? um, when he was like zero year's old i named him. ashley brown: we've had dogs, mostly. ashley b bwn/mom:sh e had a couple of gerbils jana: she loveanimals? yeah, she loves animals. ashley brown says she's never seen an animal love somebody back. a feather was in my boot! like snowflake loves kylie. quack! ashley brown: it was kind of on a whim that we brought him home...i thought 'it's a farm animal, it lives outside,maybe get some eggs from it' i don't know! i wawanot expecting this at all. quack quack duck snowflakakthe duck follows kylie everywhere. day one. see he just keeps going! ashley brown: we brought him home, this little yellow furball walked over to the box and leaned in, and he was quiet. since. ashley brown: everywhere she went he was quiet. and if she went missing, he would squawk and panic. over the past six months -- kylie and snowflake have played at the beach. they swing on the swingset.
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their "frozen" costumes. snowflake dressed as "olaf" the snowman. ashley brown: they are best friends, but in his eyes, she's mama. she's mama duck. brown says kylie cares for snowflake like a child. he waits for her at the bus stop to get home from school. and she makes sure he gets in his nap in the afternoon. ashley brown: i've seen her grow up. she's become very responsible. she takes very good care of him. brown doesn't know what bonded her daughter and duck that first day. but whatever it is, it's taught them love comes in all shapes, sizes - and species. ashley brown: he's family. he's definitely family. >> that was jana barnello reporting from freeport, maine. fitness opportunities for seniors... still to come on around siouxland. that was jana barnello reporting from freeport, maine.
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seniors... still to come
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fitness room and then we will extending to additional equipment. i think a lot of the goals you've set for the folks at the siouxland center for active generations where fitness is concerned has a lot to do with staying active all throughout a person life because that's critically important. very important. as we get older we have a tendency to slow down, not be able to do things we used to do but if you stay with the fitness programs, continue to lift the weights, use the bands, exercise regularly it's going to help your heart, your balance, and overall aspects of your overall beg as you age. and you've partnered with the y in helping with these fitness classes that are offered. yes we have two of our programs that are offered each week, the enhanced fitness class as well as the balance class, are both instructor lead through the y certified instructors. you also have a lot going on at the siouxland center for active generations all year
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programs and activities that not only help your physical abilities but also mental capabilities and so forth. it just helps you to stay alert and active and enjoy your golden years in life. if you want more information about the siouxland center for active generations call (712) 255- 1729 or their website kerry thanks for joining us. thank you matt. thanks for joining us around siouxland. >> winter swimming enthusiasts all over russia dipped in icy water today to celebrate "orthodox christmas day." in moscow, the winter swimming club "seals of the capital" were at the moscow ririr for their annual swim. they braved icy temperatures of five degrees. the director of the club explained that taking a cold plunge is becoming increasingly popular because of its "health benefits." winter swimming is part of the christmas celebration in eastern europe and russia.
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forecast. thanks for joining us.
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